Tour de AOC 2016!


Coming into its 3rd consecutive year, the Tour de AOC has quickly become the fitness challenge of the year. So how does it work?


The Challenge

As the Tour de France consists of 21 stages, the challenge is to log 21 ‘ride points’ during the 3 week long event from Saturday the 2nd of July till Sunday the 24th of July.


So how do I collect ride points?

Every class you do equals 1 ride point. Throughout the Tour de AOC there will be bonus classes and challenges worth up to 3 ride points each. See our Tour de AOC calendar below


Screen Shot tourdeaoc at 4.54.36 PM


So how will I track my progress?

All your classes and ride points will be recorded on the official Tour de AOC leader board located in the TRX/stretching room.

What happens when I log 21 ride points?

Everyone that logs 21 ride points during the Tour de AOC will go in the running to WIN a prize pack worth over $300!

Where do I sign?


The Tour de AOC ride challenge is FREE for all unlimited ride AOC memberships. All you have to do is put your name down on the sign in sheet at the front desk or email us HERE

For those wanting to participate, we have a SPECIAL $99 Tour de AOC membership. This gives you 23 days of unlimited classes plus the bonus events on the Tour de AOC calendar! Sign up using the link below or send us an email HERE