Spring calorie challenge results


What a big calorie burning month it has been! With 30 riders signing up for the challenge we saw a boost in average number of classes taken per week as riders burn their way to 10,000 calories.


Before the final prize is announced we want to give a very big congratulations to our leading female and male calorie burners. Jane rode in a massive 18 classes burning through 11,384 calories and Lance (below) rode in a staggering 25 classes to reach an incredible 22,663 burned calories. Amazing efforts!




Those that completed the challenge went in the running to win a prize pack full of healthy and organic foods from the Village store, Yarraville and also some awesome products from our good friends at MAAP cycling apparel. The two female riders that reached the 10,000 calorie target were mother daughter duo Mia and Jane with Jane taking the final overall honours. We had 8 males complete the 10,000 calorie target with Richard winning the final prize!


Congratulations to everyone that took part in the challenge!