Tamara Pannett

Competitive sprinter, local mum, fitness fanatic

Who are You?

I’m a person that simply LOVES exercise and has fun doing it. 18 years ago I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physical Education. I have enjoyed instructing many exercise based programs ranging from; cycling, aerobics, circuit training, weight training, swimming, core stability classes and coached a range of sports through school programs. I also ran my personal training business before departing for an overseas 2 year adventure.

In terms of my exercise background, athletics was a competitive focus for a long time, where I sprinted in amateurs and the professional circuit in Victoria and London. I was lucky enough to have success at Stawell Gift & VIC Championships – 400m was my race. Cycling was a great complement to my sprinting fitness during this time. In recent years, my instructing focuses solely on cycling classes. This fits in well with being a busy working Mum.

When did you start teaching cycle?

I got hooked teaching cycling 15 years ago when living and working in London. I’ve been loving it ever since!

Why are you excited to teach at the AOC?

The AOC vision, teaching methodology and equipment is exceptional. The vibe of the studio is also cool, relaxed and they do GREAT coffee! Who wouldn’t want to work out here?

What can we expect from your classes?

Cycling classes in themselves are such a brilliant, low impact cardio workout that can cater for ALL fitness levels. In my class, you’ll be having too much fun to realise how hard you are working! Ha, I do like to work hard but always with variety in class formats and great tunes.

What’s a personal fitness goal you have?

For me I am focusing on building up my core stability and improving fitness in the next 3 months. Since having two little girls (4months and 2 years), I have some extra work to do! In 6 months time I’ll be refocusing my goals to competitive racing.