Nick Bourns

A bit of a runner, a bit of a dancer,  long distance rider , cyclocross rider, road rider, keen on all things cycling in fact!

When did you start teaching cycle?

I have been cycling like made for years, but only new to instructing as of this year. The thought of getting paid while cycling sounds exactly like my dream job!


Why are you excited to teach at the AOC?

Nothing describes it better than ‘ride real’ inside. With the Wattbikes everyone can experience real training gains whilst having fun.


What can we expect from your classes?

A pretty fast pace class focused on toning and strengthening your leg. With some longer intervals along the way and some great motivating tunes, these will be classes you cant afford to miss!


What’s a personal fitness goal you have?

I am working to my next big ride, cycling to Darwin all the way from Adelaide.