Daniel Maunders



I’m a cycling and fitness fanatic, sports lover, local father, and I have a penchant for the hills and going fast on the road, dirt or anywhere in between.

When did you start teaching cycle?

March 2015

Why are you excited to teach at the AOC?

To motivate and push other people to achieve their own fitness goals. I really enjoy helping people and seeing others improve so I am super excited about being an AOC trainer.

What can we expect from your classes?

Energy, cycling inspired motivation, fun and pushing people to their personal limits. I am definitely a person who benefits from being motivated by other people. Whether it be getting up in the dark, early hours of the morning to meet some mates for a ride or getting out there in the cold, wet winter months, I find it much easier to motivate when other people are involved. So I’m excited to carry that motivation forward to the classes.

Whats a personal fitness goal you have?

I am a typical weekend warrior who enjoys having a hit out with my mates up in the hills around Melbourne. So my personal goal is to always be the first guy to the top of the hill. I have a very competitive spirit so I strive to be as fit as possible so I can push myself harder when the going gets tough. I also find it beneficial to be fit and healthy so I can keep up with my daughter who has even more energy than me!