AOC Instructor Brooke Franklin

Brooke Franklin

Mother, Cycling guru and keen yoga participant!

Why do you teach indoor cycling?

I started when I was about 19, initially to get a job in the UK and travel around. It’s been 14 years since then so I think it is the music, and the fact that I get paid to stay fit.

What excites you about the AOC?

Riding is for everyone and I think the AOC can cater well to get results for a beginner all the way to the rider wanting to compete. What I like about the AOC is they have finally found a bike that feels like a real bike, but with the music, the friendly instructors it’s an environment that is motivating and exciting.

Why will people want to ride with you?

I love all sorts of training styles, and love finding out about new research to support performance. I know how to cater a ride to all levels. I love music and I like to put good intervals to music, so you can guarantee you will forget about the riding and before you know it, a class will be done!

What the most exciting thing to happen to you this year?

The birth of my daughter Indi – Wow what a change to sleep!