Ben Papps

Kiwi, dog owner, guitarist, keen cyclist, lapsed sportsperson and coach

When did you start teaching cycle?

I started teaching cycling in April of this year.

Why are you excited to teach at the AOC?

I’ve been hitting spin classes since my university days in 2000, and Art of Cycling is the best setup I have seen! For me, the Wattbikes make Art of Cycling stand out. From seeing the effectiveness of one’s pedal stroke, to being able to base one’s training around power ‘zones’, the Wattbikes really do set each rider up to get the most out of a one hour session!

What can we expect from your classes?

Cracking tunes, challenging tracks and puddles of sweat!!

What’s a personal fitness goal you have?

I’m hoping to tackle the Lake Taupo ride this year in New Zealand. Beyond that, L’Etape has been on my bucket list for years!!