AOC Instructor Anthony Garcia

Anthony Garcia

Who are you?

International Personal Trainer! Just returned from the middle east.

When did you start teaching cycle?

I started a couple of years ago teaching older adults, but have had a break and am keen to get back on and pushing new boundaries.

Why are you excited to teach at the AOC?

Since coming back to Australia I’ve been excited to see what’s new and different, The AOC definitely is!

Everything they love about cycling and all areas revolving around the cycling community has been brought inside the studios of the AOC and I’m excited to be a part of it.

What can we expect from your classes?

I love intervals! Speed and intensity. I expect you’ll see a lot of grit, sweat, blood and tears during the class… Happy accomplished faces at the end though.

What’s a personal fitness goal you have?

I’m going to have to get into road cycling for sure just to help pick up the leg endurance and the all important cycling lingo. But for me it’s also all about finding that balance and really getting the most from my body. I love running and crossfit and these classes have already shown improvements to both these areas.