Adam Sawell

Who are you?

Art of Cycling punter turned instructor. Bike lover. Proud dad. Passionate about community and where I live (Yarraville!). Business owner. Weekend warrior. One day I will cycle up L’Alpe D’Huez…the next will be devoted to wine and cheese. Like a laugh. Love watt bikes. And my family.



When did you start teaching cycle?

In my head, years ago. In reality, recently. Spin classes at the Art of Cycling have helped me make a real commitment to my health and fitness at a time of life when a lot or people let that go.  Learning how to teach cycling was the logical next step for me, a way of reaffirming that commitment and passing it on to others.


Why are you excited to teach at the AOC?

The space. The Watt Bikes. The people. The coffee. Having done classes with every instructor, I appreciate that each has a different style or approach but the same goal for their class. I’m looking forward to getting to know and working with the people who attend my classes to achieve their goals. I also love Watt Bikes, the fact anyone from professional athletes to first time riders can take part in the same class and get what they need out of it.


What can we expect from your classes?

A solid workout. Great support. Simple, clear, concise instructions. Fab tunes. A lot of sweat. The occasional dad joke (sorry). A great cardio workout. You’ll know you’ve been to a spin class. And encouragement to meet your goals. Did I say a lot of sweat?


What’s a personal fitness goal you have?

To spend two weeks cycling the Tour de France route and watching the race, ride Amy’s Gran Fondo (again) and complete the Massive Murray Paddle (404km kayak race over 5 days) in the same year. Aiming for 2020.