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Creating habits and sticking to them


Have you been booking for classes and not getting to them?

We all know that life gets busy, and we make plans, then have to try and squeeze in the reality of our life around these plans. Ultimately it is our training that seems to come off second best. Kids get sick, deadlines at work mean we work late, or we are lacking sleep and hit the snooze button just to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

We have noticed a lot of riders booking, but then not attending classes, and at the moment the only one that misses out is you. As classes get bussier it is important to remember that you take someone elses spot if you don’t cancel a class within 12 hours. This means that when you hit the snooze button it affects others too. To help you refocus your training we drew upon some research below to support you.

Make it personal. Not everyone needs the same combination. Maybe it’s variety you need, so you might need to swap your polka dot ride for a Green + TRX ride every so often. Getting your personal training zone card is the key to it being the right session for you every time. And if you still are not sure, ask our trainers, they will happily have a look at the structure of your week and help you make a plan to stick to.

Make it fit. Are time constraints a big problem? Start planning your exercise sessions by making a detailed schedule of your week. Look for ways you can work in blocks of exercise. Can you get up half an hour earlier every morning for a ride? Would this mean going to bed earlier? Be realistic. Don’t schedule exercise after dinner if you know that’s when you always have to help the kids with their homework unless you think the entire family might benefit from a break and a brisk walk.  The good news? As you become more conditioned, you’ll be able to boost the intensity of your exercise without further exerting yourself. This means that you’ll be able to fit more into your allotted time; for example, putting out an average Watts of 180 when you used to do 120 in a class.

Set some goals. Shifting overnight from being sedentary to becoming an exercise buff isn’t in the cards for most people. What’s more, unrealistic expectations will set you up for frustration and failure. A better approach is to set a long-term goal. Maybe it is an outdoor training ride, or a triathlon. During the first month, focus on just turning up for classes. During the second month, add in a TRX session (so you’re up to training four days a week). Add another day in the third month.

Chart your progress. Once you’ve set your goal, start measuring your performance. Record your average watts on your zone card, the reps that you do on the TRX, or the distance you travelled in a yellow class. Either way, keep a written record of what you have accomplished.

Reward your efforts. Meeting your exercise goals, even short-term ones, is cause for celebration. It reflects your commitment to improving your health. Find ways to pat yourself on the back. Whether your reward is small or large, make sure it’s something meaningful and enjoyable.

*credit for this article –  http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsweek/Sticking-with-your-exercise-program.htm

Does more fan resistance mean more power?



If I increase my fan resistance, does this mean I will produce more power?

This is a common question we get at AOC and one that does require some simple explanation when answering!

Firstly, lets look at what how power is produced. Power = RPM (or Cadence) x Resistance. Therefore, to increase your power during an effort, you can either:

1. increase your fan resistance while keeping your RPM the same,

2. increase your RPM while keeping your fan resistance the same,

3. increase fan resistance and increasing RPM

So does that mean that higher resistance produces greater power?

Yes, but only if you maintain the same RPM (or higher) as prior to increasing the fan resistance.

Then should I always use high resistance in my class?

No. There are benefits to your fitness by using both a high and low RPM to produce power and that’s why we incorporate both in our sessions. ITs important to remember, its a combination of both that makes an effective and varied training stimulus which will make your legs and cardiovascular system stronger.


So what does all that mean?

Studies have shown that it is most economical and efficient for your legs when you keep your RPM within a range of 80 – 100 RPM. This creates the perfect balance between leg speed and power applied to the pedals. So instead of jumping straight to the fan resistance to increase your power, try also increasing your RPM. This will help train your leg speed efficiency in addition to finding that ideal balance between RPM and resistance!

Give it a go in your next class!

Sam’s new role at AOC


Sam image

Whether you are new to AOC or you have been with us over a year, you would know Sam’s face. Sam has been with us since the very early days, and as we focus on a new year we are pleased to announce his new role at AOC. Sam is the new Operations Manager for the Yarraville site, and we wanted to let you know a little about what this means and a little more about him.

What do you do as the Operations Manager?

My focus across the next 6 months is to expand the timetable and help our riders get results, without this we are not living up to our mission to ride for real and get results fast. I am also putting my attention on instructor development, and creating ride formats that seriously shake things up in the sessions. I am the guy you see at the front desk, building programs, and helping  you find the right membership to suit you. I am also focused on the local community and building relationship that will help Yarraville people stay fit and healthy.

Do you take classes yourself?

Yep – I need to walk the talk and I love teaching. With my experience as a cyclist and my keen research into endurance training in preparation for the Ironman, I want to practice sessions and get feedback so we continue to build the best classes for cyclists as well as the everyday person wanting to make the most of their time in a session.

What’s new at AOC this year?

New 30 minute sessions both cycle express, and strength sessions. We also continue to build on our riding program, and you will see the introduction of technology to support the way you can track your progress (yes those TV’s will be used fro something!).

What are some of your goals in training and your career?

I am training for the ironman this year, which is a huge focus, and I would like to see AOC expand in the coming years, as I know the concepts behind the riding would benefit so many more people in their training.

To get in  touch with Sam, or to ask him any questions email ride@artofcycling.com.au or catch him after one of his classes!



2 Awesome Ride Deals – for July only


images newsletter


As a July Special, we have have 2 Awesome Ride Deals open now until end of the month.

Option 1 – Buy 10 rides get 2 Free 

Option 2 – Buy 3 Months Unlimited Get 1 month FREE Valued at $150. The offer comes with a 12 week Ride Program included.

To find out more please call one of our friendly staff to discuss or jump online to buy them here.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your time and effort here at AOC, please have a talk to one of the team if you need advice in reaching or setting your training goal, tips on healthy eating and weight management, or general training principles.  After all, we are here for one reason only – to get you fitter faster.

July @ ART OF CYCLING – We’ve dubbed it Tour de AOC.


Winter is upon us, as are the cold mornings, children that are forever ill, and yummy toasted pastries. July at ART OF CYCLING is going to be something completely different to what you’ve done before. No longer does winter need to be drab. AOC is going to give you the pep you need to get through Melbourne’s wintery blast.

If you’re a regular through our doors, then you know it’s going to be good times. If you’ve yet to step inside for a look-see, then now’s the time. Yes, we take our training seriously, but not seriously. Yes, training with us will make you fitter and leaner, no questions about that – we have the resources and the team to make it happen. But we also know how to have a good time – good coffee, cold beer, friends, and family are all welcome at ART OF CYCLING. What’s planned for July you ask? Click the links to find out about each event, download the attachment and send it to your mates.


Tour de AOC – Riding challenge



The Tour de France, whether you love cycling or not, captivates your attention. The fierce competition, the millions of dollars spent on equipment, the glamour, and the beautiful mountainous countryside. Our first Tour de France at ART OF CYCLING marks the start of something special. We are hosting a competition whereby you need to ride at AOC on the days the riders are racing – 21 Stages in total. Don’t worry, you get 2 rest days! If you ride every stage of the Tour at AOC, you go into the draw to win a 12 month membership, giving you unlimited rides at AOC.  Challenge yourself to ride every day, and track your progress on the ride board at the AOC.

So how does it work?

Running from Saturday 5th July to Sunday July 27th 2014, the 101st Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages (classes), with 2 rest days, and will cover a total distance of 3,656 kilometres (before ratification).

Can I ride outside and have this count to my challenge?

Of course you can – but it doesn’t count towards AOC rider challenge!

Can I use other training to count to the challenge?

This is a real riding challenge, and you don’t see the guys in the tour substituting a ride for a run. This is the real deal, and you’ll be shocked at what consistent riding can do.

What if I miss a day due to travelling, illness or something else?

You can make it up by riding twice the next day! A ride is considered a class or a 30 minute session on the bike. If you can’t get to  a class then you can come to any open ride session (anytime the café is open) and we will verify your session as a ride as long as you ride for 30 minutes or more.

If I’m not a current member or rider how do I join?

It’s just over 3 weeks (23 days) of unlimited session for $79 if it is your first time in the studio, and it starts on Saturday 5th July. You must sign up and purchase your rides on or before the first riding day. To purchase online click here. For current riders and members, you can register for free at the studio before the 5th.

What if I am already on a class pass but want to join the challenge?

It will cost you $79 to join, and then you can ride unlimited for 3 weeks (23 days) or you can use your current class pass or unlimited riding membership.

This is open to existing and new members to AOC. Purchase your sessions/passes then register when you are next in the studio.





Spreading the love – care of the bikes


love bike 2

We are committed to creating the best riding experience for  you, and to help us there are a few simple things we need your help with to ensure we keep all our bikes in action. The watt bikes are the best in the business, and like anything that is highly technical it needs some love every now and then.


1. Make sure you clean bikes after you have used them –give them a good clean where you sweat.

2. After a tough interval, pull the white fan down gently, they do break.

3. If you need your pedals changed over, arrive 10 minutes early and ask the instructor or front of house team to change them for you. Don’t do it yourself – let us do the hard work!


New baby and 300+ MMP


Meet an AOC member Karen and hear her story.

We met Karen in the first week that we opened the studio, and since then she has inspired us with her ability to juggle family, her commitment to getting back into shape, and her ability to smash out 300+ in her MMP test (this means she seriously knows how to get the best out of every session). She is a great example of how training consistently can really deliver results, and a reminder to all that the art of cycling is not just for experienced riders, but that the benefits of the watt bikes and great classes translate into awesome results in anyone’s language. Read More

AOC Instructor Ken Purves

New addition to the AOC family


TillyThe AOC family – We were so excited to welcome little Tilly to the AOC Family in Feb this year.

Our resident cycling expert, instructor and exercise guru Ken was a happy man. We congratulate Jess and Ken at this cool time.

We also want to say for the record that he rode 3 hours the morning after Tilly was born and popped into the AOC studio to teach a class – we didn’t make him do that! Ironman all the way – congratulations mate.

Get on your Soapbox


This is your training space so make sure you let us know the good, bad and the ugly. We are focused on creating the greatest classes, and providing a great space to learn, get results and chill out. Email us at ride@artofcycling.com.au or click here and tell us what you think, what you need, or grab one of the instructors after class and have a coffee and a chat. We want to hear from you!

Art of Cycling Opening Night


Opening night was a big success. Thanks to everyone for coming down.

Check out some photos from the studio.

Read More