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July @ ART OF CYCLING – We’ve dubbed it Tour de AOC.


Winter is upon us, as are the cold mornings, children that are forever ill, and yummy toasted pastries. July at ART OF CYCLING is going to be something completely different to what you’ve done before. No longer does winter need to be drab. AOC is going to give you the pep you need to get through Melbourne’s wintery blast.

If you’re a regular through our doors, then you know it’s going to be good times. If you’ve yet to step inside for a look-see, then now’s the time. Yes, we take our training seriously, but not seriously. Yes, training with us will make you fitter and leaner, no questions about that – we have the resources and the team to make it happen. But we also know how to have a good time – good coffee, cold beer, friends, and family are all welcome at ART OF CYCLING. What’s planned for July you ask? Click the links to find out about each event, download the attachment and send it to your mates.


Tour de AOC – Champagne Sunday



The final Sunday (27th) of the Tour is always a special occasion. The Yellow Jersey rider (and future Tour de France winner) sips on a glass of champagne as he’s riding into Paris to finish The Tour in front of a million viewers. Let’s join him!  An excuse for a cool Sunday session? Sure, but that’s ok. Bring your partner along, and settle in for the arvo. Famous roast pork rolls $5. 12-5pm.

Western Chics 100 Rapha Ride


Have you wanted to translate your indoor cycling training to the road, but just not sure who to ride with or where to start?


Rapha Cycling have organized an international womens ride where 000’s of women ride a 100k, on 20/7/14. Click here to find out more. A group of local women have decided to come together to enjoy riding just for fun, coffee, food and great company and with the support of AOC have created a group to enter the event. The pace will be that of the slowest rider and the girls say “we will wait for everyone”. The ride will be for novice level and upwards.


Training rides will be leaving from the Art of Cycling and they have created a group called the Western Chics 100 Rapha ride on facebook. It will be fun , an opportunity to connect with other great chics, motivating, relaxed, and for those that haven’t been riding a lot, something to work towards, an opportunity to get out on the road in a group and develop some confidence on the road….there will be support vehicles and stops and regroups along the way….we will be eating, having coffee and enjoying conversations and laughs along the way.


The AOC are proudly supporting with training advice and support, as well as making sure there is damn good coffee and food after the event to celebrate.The group (which is so far around 70 women) will be meeting at the Art of Cycling for a meet and greet this Friday at 7pm, and if you want to find out what it’s about then join the group on facebook or send us a message at the AOC and we can connect you.

Coffee for cycling performance?


Our café is open everyday for great coffee and great food. 6am – 2pm Monday to Friday and 7am – 2pm Saturday and Sunday.

Coffee and Cycling performance, is there a link? We just had to find something to support our theory and back up the fact that we think these two things go hand in hand. Instead of telling you, click here to read more.