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Katrina and Shaun smash the 30/30 challenge!




If you have been riding at AOC over the past month then you would definitely have seen Katrina and Shaun clocking up their sessions for our 30/30 challenge! The challenge was set to complete 30 sessions in 30 days with five allowed outside of AOC.


Both Katrina and Shaun have complete an incredible 37 sessions each, with 32 completed at AOC! They have shown amazing commitment and should be extremely proud of their achievement. They both took the time to answer a few questions on their experience of the 30/30 challenge.


Why did you sign up to the 30/30 Challenge?


We were relatively new to Art of Cycling. We thought it was a good way to experience all the class formats and try something new!


What was the hardest part about the Challenge?


The hardest part has been managing the fatigue from multiple classes weekly – keeping up the intensity when you’re feeling pretty sore. Mixing up the classes (HIIT and cycling) has been key.


Which class was your favorite to attend and why?


Sam’s performance class is a favourite – it’s always challenging, has lots of variety, and is structured with strength and performance gains in mind. The HIIT classes are always good too – fast, effective and functional.  The use of the TRX is a good complement to the cycling as it helps build core strength & stability.


What fitness/lifestyle benefits have you gained through taking up this challenge?


Shaun: Improved aerobic threshold on the bike and an increase in overall general fitness.


Katrina: For me, it’s been good for my work-life balance. Booking into classes means that I leave work on time and consistently get my exercise in each day.



Would you recommend this challenge to anyone looking to get into some physical activity?


Katrina: Absolutely, it keeps you motivated and there is lots of variety in the different classes to keep it interesting. I like that the watt bikes hold you accountable as you can see your numbers on the screen.


Shaun: For those training for triathlons, it’s a good way to get time on the bike.



Any advice for those wanting to take up the 30/30 Challenge?


Try a mix of class types to keep it interesting and use different muscle groups.

Plan your week in advance, lock in your classes and put them in your diary.

Sign up with a friend or partner to keep you on track/motivated – it’s been nice to train together.



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