Creating habits and sticking to them


Have you been booking for classes and not getting to them?

We all know that life gets busy, and we make plans, then have to try and squeeze in the reality of our life around these plans. Ultimately it is our training that seems to come off second best. Kids get sick, deadlines at work mean we work late, or we are lacking sleep and hit the snooze button just to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

We have noticed a lot of riders booking, but then not attending classes, and at the moment the only one that misses out is you. As classes get bussier it is important to remember that you take someone elses spot if you don’t cancel a class within 12 hours. This means that when you hit the snooze button it affects others too. To help you refocus your training we drew upon some research below to support you.

Make it personal. Not everyone needs the same combination. Maybe it’s variety you need, so you might need to swap your polka dot ride for a Green + TRX ride every so often. Getting your personal training zone card is the key to it being the right session for you every time. And if you still are not sure, ask our trainers, they will happily have a look at the structure of your week and help you make a plan to stick to.

Make it fit. Are time constraints a big problem? Start planning your exercise sessions by making a detailed schedule of your week. Look for ways you can work in blocks of exercise. Can you get up half an hour earlier every morning for a ride? Would this mean going to bed earlier? Be realistic. Don’t schedule exercise after dinner if you know that’s when you always have to help the kids with their homework unless you think the entire family might benefit from a break and a brisk walk.  The good news? As you become more conditioned, you’ll be able to boost the intensity of your exercise without further exerting yourself. This means that you’ll be able to fit more into your allotted time; for example, putting out an average Watts of 180 when you used to do 120 in a class.

Set some goals. Shifting overnight from being sedentary to becoming an exercise buff isn’t in the cards for most people. What’s more, unrealistic expectations will set you up for frustration and failure. A better approach is to set a long-term goal. Maybe it is an outdoor training ride, or a triathlon. During the first month, focus on just turning up for classes. During the second month, add in a TRX session (so you’re up to training four days a week). Add another day in the third month.

Chart your progress. Once you’ve set your goal, start measuring your performance. Record your average watts on your zone card, the reps that you do on the TRX, or the distance you travelled in a yellow class. Either way, keep a written record of what you have accomplished.

Reward your efforts. Meeting your exercise goals, even short-term ones, is cause for celebration. It reflects your commitment to improving your health. Find ways to pat yourself on the back. Whether your reward is small or large, make sure it’s something meaningful and enjoyable.

*credit for this article –  http://www.health.harvard.edu/newsweek/Sticking-with-your-exercise-program.htm

Meet Dan from DCPT Project!




Art of Cycling is joined by a fantastic and passionate fitness professional, expanding our space into a one of a kind fitness hub! We are so excited to be joined by Dan Crisp, owner and head trainer of dcpt project. Dan has been in the fitness industry for 12 years and in his spare time enjoys photography and  is a handy cross country MTB racer!


Dan started his own personal training business with the aim of making health and fitness the first priority in people’s lives. Offering high quality affordable group training with personal one on one goal setting and interaction, Dan provides a professional service that might otherwise be beyond people’s financial reach.


“I am very excited to be incorporated in the fitness hub at Art of Cycling. My space will be very versatile, encompassing strength and power, crossfire, functional fitness, body weight training, boxing and cardio!”


Dan loves what he does, and loves helping people accomplish what they once thought was impossible. To read up more about Dan and DCPT Project, jump on his website HERE or stop by AOC and say hi!

Does more fan resistance mean more power?



If I increase my fan resistance, does this mean I will produce more power?

This is a common question we get at AOC and one that does require some simple explanation when answering!

Firstly, lets look at what how power is produced. Power = RPM (or Cadence) x Resistance. Therefore, to increase your power during an effort, you can either:

1. increase your fan resistance while keeping your RPM the same,

2. increase your RPM while keeping your fan resistance the same,

3. increase fan resistance and increasing RPM

So does that mean that higher resistance produces greater power?

Yes, but only if you maintain the same RPM (or higher) as prior to increasing the fan resistance.

Then should I always use high resistance in my class?

No. There are benefits to your fitness by using both a high and low RPM to produce power and that’s why we incorporate both in our sessions. ITs important to remember, its a combination of both that makes an effective and varied training stimulus which will make your legs and cardiovascular system stronger.


So what does all that mean?

Studies have shown that it is most economical and efficient for your legs when you keep your RPM within a range of 80 – 100 RPM. This creates the perfect balance between leg speed and power applied to the pedals. So instead of jumping straight to the fan resistance to increase your power, try also increasing your RPM. This will help train your leg speed efficiency in addition to finding that ideal balance between RPM and resistance!

Give it a go in your next class!

Seddon Festival this Saturday!




The Seddon festival is known for their live music acts, fun activities and party atmosphere, celebrating the Melbourne Inner West suburb of Seddon. From humble beginnings this 15 year old festival has now moved to the streetscape of Charles and Victoria street, putting on live entertainment and showcasing community stalls.


Art of Cycling is proud to be involved with such a great community event as we continue to promote and support health and fitness within the local community. So come down and visit the Art of Cycling stall and make sure you pick up our flyer with the secret online code word!


For more details about this great community event, visit the Seddon Festival website HERE. See you all there!

Are you up for the 30/30 Challenge? Real results in 2015.


What better way to start the New Year than with a fitness challenge!

ART OF CYCLING has set you the challenge of completing 30 sessions in 30 days. With the introduction of our new timetable and the addition of our 30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) classes, this will be the ultimate test to kick start the new you in 2015!

So what is it?

    • Must log 25 sessions at AOC  – allowed 5 sessions outside verified by our team.
    • Log them on the blackboard in the TRX space at AOC
    • A class counts as 1 (30,60 or 90) but a double as 2.
    • If 30 is complete you will get a prize determined by AOC

Members can join for free and non members can start today for only $39.95 a week (for the 4 weeks, includes 1 on 1 consultation and support weekly), then ongoing at $30 a week. Start your 30 days anytime Jan or Feb 2015.


Start your 30 day Challenge HERE

Sam’s new role at AOC


Sam image

Whether you are new to AOC or you have been with us over a year, you would know Sam’s face. Sam has been with us since the very early days, and as we focus on a new year we are pleased to announce his new role at AOC. Sam is the new Operations Manager for the Yarraville site, and we wanted to let you know a little about what this means and a little more about him.

What do you do as the Operations Manager?

My focus across the next 6 months is to expand the timetable and help our riders get results, without this we are not living up to our mission to ride for real and get results fast. I am also putting my attention on instructor development, and creating ride formats that seriously shake things up in the sessions. I am the guy you see at the front desk, building programs, and helping  you find the right membership to suit you. I am also focused on the local community and building relationship that will help Yarraville people stay fit and healthy.

Do you take classes yourself?

Yep – I need to walk the talk and I love teaching. With my experience as a cyclist and my keen research into endurance training in preparation for the Ironman, I want to practice sessions and get feedback so we continue to build the best classes for cyclists as well as the everyday person wanting to make the most of their time in a session.

What’s new at AOC this year?

New 30 minute sessions both cycle express, and strength sessions. We also continue to build on our riding program, and you will see the introduction of technology to support the way you can track your progress (yes those TV’s will be used fro something!).

What are some of your goals in training and your career?

I am training for the ironman this year, which is a huge focus, and I would like to see AOC expand in the coming years, as I know the concepts behind the riding would benefit so many more people in their training.

To get in  touch with Sam, or to ask him any questions email ride@artofcycling.com.au or catch him after one of his classes!



Our 1st Birthday offer


bike cake


Art of Cycling’s 1st Birthday SALE!

To celebrate Art of Cycling’s very first birthday we are having a massive 48 hour flash sale with 20% off all memberships! This lets you put those savings towards that new bike you have been looking at!  This Saturday and Sunday you can choose the membership option that best suits you. When you are in the checkout, use the promo code “happybirthday” to receive your 20% discount! If you already have a current membership with us then this is an excellent opportunity to load up your account! Buy now, use later! This sale will only be available for 48 hours and expires this Sunday at midnight so be quick!

Click here to go to membership options!

30 Days Shred


30 Day shred


We’re super excited to launch our AOC 30 DAY SHRED program! This 30 day challenge will not only prepare your body for the best summer yet, but also make you fitter, lose weight and more energized then ever before! Be ready to make your transformation beginning on our launch night on the 20th of October!


So what’s I do I get?

A personalized 30 day training program – Valued at $99

  • After a short 30 minute fitness consolation, we will develop a personalized structured training program

30 day shred and wellness seminar – Valued at $30

  • Delivered by a leading nutritionist who will help you understand and guide you through your 30 day SHRED!

Nutrition and Diet support – Valued at $99

  • Giving you crucial nutritional information required to maximize your weight loss and body transformation in 30 day.

Weekly Mat Pilates and stretch classes – Valued at $150

  • Designed to improve flexibility, strength and tone core muscles and enhance muscular control of your back and limbs.

Unlimited AOC cycling classes – Valued at $150

  • Fantastic aerobic training consisting of 50 minutes of interval training on the sate-of-the-art Wattbikes! With a packed timetable of classes to choose from this will be the one workout you will always want to come back to!

TRX strength training program – Valued at $30

  • Perfect resistance training for all abilities, focusing on joint stability, balance and strength!

Mindfulness and relaxation seminar  – Valued at $30

  • To complete your 30 day SHRED this seminar will help you de stress and channel in on the more important things in life!

With a total value of nearly $600 this 30 day SHRED program is all yours for only $49 a week! ($39 for members) So email at ride@artofcycling.com.au or call us to book your spot now, as we have limited spots.

Click AOC 30 DAY SHRED to see more.

Rescue project – 12 hour ride


The Rescue Ride brings together cyclists of all backgrounds and ability to raise awareness and money for local dog shelters. Regular riders Sarah and Riley have seen firsthand the great work being done by the volunteers at these shelters and we wanted to help. We knew our cycling community would be keen to get behind such a worthy cause, and we also know you love a good sweat session! Funds raised from The Rescue Ride will benefit 3 local shelters and go directly towards improving the lives of the dogs in their care.


What is this event?

  • What – 12 hour endurance ride
  • Ride on your own or with a group of 3 others or choose a time and ride on one of the “open ride bikes” and donate your $20 ride fee.
  • When – 13th September

How do I get involved?

  • Go to artofcycling.com.au then go to book a ride
  • Go to Rescue project class on 13th September and go to book
  • You will directed to set up a free account, then can go to the online store
  • You can then choose single entry ($90), group of 4 ($150) or purchase a single ride and book into the 2 bikes that would be open for the single rides
  • If your enter as a team of 4 only the team captain puts in their details when booking.
  • For question email ride@artofcycling.com.au


Background to the project:

  • The Rescue Project was started in the USA in 2013, with the aim of raising money for shelters through a community of runners and cyclists. The key component to this has always been producing great custom cycling kit and other lifestyle merchandise with 100% of profits going to shelters. When we brought this concept to Australia we wanted to do something to bring our community together – this is how The Rescue Ride was born! We’ve had tremendous support from all of our event partners and many others throughout the cycling community. As well as events like The Rescue Ride,  we are looking forward to bringing you some fantastic new kit later this year!

What can people expect on the day

Throughout the day we’ll have a range of activities and mini-competitions to keep you energised! We’ll have guest DJ’s playing all the latest tunes, optional time trials with great prizes up for grabs, spot prizes, and more. Your rider nutrition is covered thanks to Winners and Hydralite, so all you have to do is keep the pedals turning for 12 hours! Emergency caffeine and pastries are never far away, with the AOC café ready to help keep you in the game. Expect a fun atmosphere mixed with a little bit of pain as the day draws to a conclusion!

Ride.Yoga.Sleep.Repeat – lululemon specialized ride




Specialized and lululemon will host the 3rd Ride & Yoga session on Saturday out of Art of Cycling on August 23rd. The sessions are designed to support all levels of riding and yoga, and are about having fun.

The ride will be outdoors (and weather suggests sunny and 19 degrees) and will finish with a yoga class which will be held in the café space. The session starts at 10:00am and goes for around 90 minutes (45 ride, 45 yoga).

Dates:  August 23rd and bookings must be made through the online booking system.

Who:- Anyone can join, the session is free for all, and all you need to do is a create a free account online to book. Click here to book your spot – there are two sessions open, so if one is full then book into the other one.

What do I need? Bring your bike and a helmet and we will do the rest. No Bike? There will be a few supplied if needed.





Pedal perfection – what do you look for?


screen 2

What does a perfect pedal stroke look like?

You may have heard the instructors talk about the small graph on the left of your watt bike screen, but not sure what to look for? The perfect pedal stroke is all about opening up the graph on the left of screen.

In very simple terms, the bigger the circle and the more open it is, the better. Most people only really use a percentage of the muscles available to them in the pedal stroke. Mostly people nail the downward stroke, driving through the quads. The real work is in lifting the knee, and driving it forward to avoid losing momentum and power.

Why does pedal technique matter?

One of the unique features of the Wattbike is the ability to monitor your cycling technique as you ride. This is shown as a force curve on the Wattbike Performance Computer known as the Polar View. The Polar View (or pedal technique graph) shows the force applied to the pedals and the position of the pedals when applying this force.

When cycling, you can play around with the graph – pushing on the left leg will create a large force shape on the left, pushing hard on the right leg will enlarge the graph on the right. You see a percentage beneath each side, telling you how much power each leg is generating. Standing up and altering your cycling technique will produce a change in the graph.

Opening up your pedal stroke with have you generate more power in each stroke, maximizing the recruitment of the glutes, hamstrings and driving more power in each revolution. So instead of going faster or pushing more load to drive watts up, you use all of your power generating muscles to make the most of every stroke – getting fitter faster.

Click here to download the images and document in more detail Polar view shapes

Unlimited classes and a coffee each day – Offer closes May 12th


LAST CHANCE TO MAKE a habit of something this WINTER

Offers don’t come along very often that tick all the boxes and this is your last chance to grab this one before we close it off. A coffee each day and unlimited classes will set you back less than $30 a week* and we think this is an exceptional offer.

Here’s the evidence – If you ride 3 times a week then each class costs you less than $10, and your coffee costs you nothing. At that rate over a year, in coffee alone, you would save over $500 (that’s a damn good pair of cycling shoes or 80% of your entry into Ironman Melbourne) .

  • 12 month memberships can we direct debit monthly or paid in full
  • 6 month membership is paid in full only

Until Monday 12th May you can get both at the AOC on a 12 month or 6 month membership as our pre winter offer. Click here to find out more or send us an email here. From 13th May only our 12 month upfront membership will come with coffee.

*less than $30 refers to a 12 month memberships (paid in full).

Offer strictly ends 12th May EOD.

Training for an outdoor cycling event


Training for the Rapha women’s 100 or another distance cycling event for the first time? Ken has helped us develop a simple program which will support your training. The program follows principles of progressive overload, with distances gradually increasing across the weeks. It also includes some of these key principles:-

  • Power session at the AOC at least once a week – but any outdoor session can be substituted indoors
  • A core and TRX program designed to improve stability, mobility and strength for cycling
  • Gradual increase of distance on your outdoor rides, including some “bunch rides” to get used to the pack.

Download this Rapha sessions.docx program and ask the team at AOC if you have any questions.

Bulldogs cross training session at the AOC


Professional sporting groups have known the benefits of training with power for a long time, so it was no surprise to have the Western Bulldogs hit the AOC studio early Saturday morning for a personal session. They arrived in the dark this Saturday, hit the bikes for intense efforts then focused on skills in the stretching and TRX space.

Power training on the Watt bike has benefits that translate beyond just the cycling world, and it’s the perfect high intensity cardio session to really shift a groups fitness levels. The ability to measure your output is critical when every session counts. If you know a sporting group (cycling, triathlon, AFL, Swimming etc) that wants to experience a personal session at the AOC then just contact us here.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



Setting goals can be rather daunting, so in March we are focused on supporting you to achieve some of the goals you have been thinking about. Watch out for a board in the studio which will be created to support you in setting and reaching a goal that is “just for you”. Stay tuned for more about this, and start thinking about something you might want to work towards, or something that inspires you to train better this year, live better and be doing things that you love. See below for some of our inspiration on how to be living a life that we really love, both in the studio and out.


Strength and Core Workshops March and April 2014


We invite you to learn a little more about training stability, mobility and strength for riding with some TRX workshops being run across March and April.

Learn some core exercises to support you in improving pedal technique, power and general conditioning. The sessions will run for 1 hour, and will teach you the principles to train using the TRX so you can come in and use the space before or after class.

Spots are limited to 10 people in each session, and are open to all riders who have been actively training in the studio. Sessions can be booked online for March 1st at 9:30, 10:30am and we will be running additional workshops in March to focus on stretching and rolling.

Sessions are complimentary, so we just ask that if you book you show up or cancel within 12 hours, giving waitlist people a chance to book. Click here to book