No shows and cancellations – what’s the deal?


As classes begin to fill up it it’s a good time for us to remind you about no shows and cancellations. It’s pretty simple, and here is the deal.

  • Sessions can be booked in advance and you can set a reoccurring class in your schedule
  • We recommend booking so that you create a commitment to ride, but also to ensure we secure your spot, we have your card ready to go, and classes start at the time advertised.
  • Sessions that are cancelled outside of 12 hours notice (so before 6pm the night before a 6am class) will not deduct a session from your account.
  • Sessions that are cancelled within 12 hours of the class will deduct a normal session from your account. If you simply don’t show up then the session is also deducted.
  • If you have to cancel within 12 hours, and you have made a reasonable attempt to attend class but could not (ie. you are genuinely sick, had to travel last minute, and not just too lazy to get out of bed), then email ride@artofcycling.com.au and we are happy to review the situation on a case by case basis.

These steps support all the riders at the AOC, and help you create habits that you stick to, as well as making sure if you book a bike and take someone’s spot, that you cancel out to open it up for someone else.

Managing our training sessions is probably the most important step in creating results week to week. It just got easier to schedule your rides each week. Art of Cycling is on MINDBODY Connect, the app that allows you to book/change classes fast.

Just create a free account with the email you’re already using to book with us (you’ll need a new password). You can view the schedule in detail, find the class you want to book and book directly. You can also cancel classes easily so you free up your spot for someone else. It also syncs with your calendar.

Download MINDBODY Connect for iPhone here, and for Android here.


Does more fan resistance mean more power?



If I increase my fan resistance, does this mean I will produce more power?

This is a common question we get at AOC and one that does require some simple explanation when answering!

Firstly, lets look at what how power is produced. Power = RPM (or Cadence) x Resistance. Therefore, to increase your power during an effort, you can either:

1. increase your fan resistance while keeping your RPM the same,

2. increase your RPM while keeping your fan resistance the same,

3. increase fan resistance and increasing RPM

So does that mean that higher resistance produces greater power?

Yes, but only if you maintain the same RPM (or higher) as prior to increasing the fan resistance.

Then should I always use high resistance in my class?

No. There are benefits to your fitness by using both a high and low RPM to produce power and that’s why we incorporate both in our sessions. ITs important to remember, its a combination of both that makes an effective and varied training stimulus which will make your legs and cardiovascular system stronger.


So what does all that mean?

Studies have shown that it is most economical and efficient for your legs when you keep your RPM within a range of 80 – 100 RPM. This creates the perfect balance between leg speed and power applied to the pedals. So instead of jumping straight to the fan resistance to increase your power, try also increasing your RPM. This will help train your leg speed efficiency in addition to finding that ideal balance between RPM and resistance!

Give it a go in your next class!

New rides and New strength sessions starting Monday 19th


ART OF CYCLING timetable is expanding with the introduction of 8 new sessions on the timetable in 2 brand new session formats! Commencing January 19th, we have introduced ‘Cycle Express’ sessions (30 minutes duration for the time conscious), and new HIIT strength training circuit sessions.

Now not only can you get your cardio hit at ART OF CYCLING, you can now also build strength and burn calories fast with High Intensity Interval Training. Read up on our high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes HERE and make sure you secure your spot now!  Book your class HERE  

30 minute Strength and Cycle sessions start now



Beginning on the 19th of January, ART OF CYCLING have added two brand new classes formats to the timetable! These 30 minute classes will be high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions, aimed specifically at improving fitness, toning muscles and burning fat. Only $12 session!

Firstly we have CYCLE EXPRESS, a 30-minute HIIT cycle class designed to deliver an action packed interval workout giving you all the health and fitness benefits in 30 short minutes. A perfect starter to anyone’s day, especially those with limited time to exercise!

We also will be introducing HIIT STRENGTH CIRCUIT, a 30-minute interval training circuit class using functional exercises and equipment. This class is a must if you want to build muscle strength, improve balance and coordination and burn fat fast!

For Unlimited members at ART OF CYCLING, all 30 minutes sessions are included in your unlimited membership.

Book your 30 minute action packed HIIT class today by clicking Here

Tour De AOC – the finish is only a few rides away


Over the past 3 weeks we have seen riders get committed to what riding every day can do for your fitness, power and overall health. Tour  De AOC finishes this Sunday, with champagne flowing at the AOC from 12-5pm to see the final stages of the Tour De France.

For those who took on the challenge it was 21 rides across 23 days, and we will be verifying the completed participants, and drawing the prize at 4pm at AOC.

Here are some of the details to qualify to finish!

  • Must have logged in to 21 rides across 23 days – system will verify this and AOC team will confirm booked classes.
  • Night 10pm ride only counts as 1 ride.
  • Each class counts as 1 ride, so 2 classes is 2.
  • Can only credit 1 open ride each day (30 minutes or more = 1)
  • From those completed the prize will be drawn Sunday at 4pm (if you are not there we will notify you during the next week)
  • All those completed will get a small prize to be given on Sunday at AOC – again if you can’t make it we will post a list of completed peeps and have your prize at AOC reception.

TOUR DE AOC OFFER – unlimited classes and coffee each day



If you have joined us for the Tour De AOC  then you can already feel the benefits of riding consistently. From now until July 28th A coffee each day and unlimited classes (including TRX classes) will set you back less than $30 a week.

If you ride 3 times a week then each class costs you less than $10, and your coffee costs you nothing. At that rate over a year, in coffee alone, you would save over $500 (that’s a damn good pair of cycling shoes or 80% of your entry into Ironman Melbourne) .

  • 12 month memberships direct debit  ($125 a month) or or paid in full ($1500) available for a limited time with coffee included.

Until Monday 28th July you can get both coffee and unlimited session at the AOC on a 12 month membership. Offer strictly ends 28th July EOD.

July 25th – Late night session (10pm start)


tour 19

When – Friday July 25th – 10pm Start.

What better way to start the weekend off than with a ‘Late Night Session’. We’ll be riding Stage 19 with the peloton, jumping on the bikes at 10pm – midnight (or maybe 2am..). Say no more.

If you have never experienced a late night ride, then get on board. Let’s see who wins the final sprint at 2am! Spots are limited, so reserve a bike. Bookings up online now.

Class types – Which one should I choose?



Classe Polka-Dot

Green? Yellow? Polka Dot? Sufferfest?  TRX? which one is for you?

Our classes have been designed with every rider in mind. Weather you are training for an ironman or you are coming back from injury, every class can be tailored to your goals. Even though we have different ride profiles (that means different efforts, focuses and intervals) because you are working to your own personal power zone, anyone can attend any session.

Here’s a simple reminder to help you plan the right sessions in your week:-

Yellow – A mixed ride with a bit of everything in it. It’s a good first choice if you are not sure about which class to attend.

Green – Speed and power efforts. Usually focused on training to improve power, and also speed up. Gaining control as you accelerate, and catching the back are skills you will learn in this session.

Polka dot – Hit the hills in this session, lower RPM, higher resistance. Sprints on the hills, efforts over the hills and down, it’s all in here.

Sufferfest – A class following the interaction of the screens. Focused on training a little differently than other classes. There is no other way to experience but to try.

TRX – TRX is a key compliment to any session. TRX is attached to a few rides in the week, and if you are an unlimited member you can use the space to compliment your riding before or after a class, or come in and use the space when the café is open. Focusing on mobility, core strength, strength and flexibility, you will also notice some posters up in the space to help guide you in what exercises to choose.



New Timetable Starts April 22nd


Timetable 22nd April

A new timetable begins April 22nd, coverng classes for the next few months. We listened to all your feedback on class times, types of jersey classes, and have taken it all into account. Changes include the addition of a sufferfest class in the mornings, a polka dot session on the weekends, and a start time of 6pm for some of the evening sessions.

We have also considered additional classes which we will table for the next timetable revision, such as run/ride sessions and a few longer rides, and some additional fusion classes as possibilities. Stay tuned for the next set of TRX and rolling workshops to support your training sessions, and make sure you book online for the sessions as they are booking up. Click here to book a session in the new timetable, or to view the classes in detail.

Double up before Easter – Ride offer



We know that Easter is a time when many of us take advantage of the Easter egg hunt and accidently eat too many easter eggs and hot cross buns. To combat this we have put together a special riding offer for new riders and existing riders.

Double Up your sessions and ride 2 classes in a row on Tuesday or Thursday morning, and you can ride both sessions for free. That means you ride both classes for nothing. The only condition we have is that you make it to the end of the 2 session block (even if you are riding very slow).

So how long will it take to burn off an Easter egg?

A 100 gram Easter egg roughly contains 765 calories, 26 grams of fat and 62 grams of carbohydrates. To burn this off you will need to do the equivalent of around 30 minutes on the Watt bike at an average Watts of 140. A 500 gram Easter egg roughly contains 2550 calories, 130 grams of fat and 310 grams of carbohydrates. The average person would need to spend over two hours on the bike to burn this off.


Here’s how to take this offer up:-

  • Log in to book in for any of the following sessions – Tuesday 5:30am + 6:30am, or Thursday 5:30am + 6:30am.
  • Select a single ride to add to your account and when you go to check out put Double Up in the promotion box. This will apply a $20 discount to each of the rides you book. The offer only applies if you book for both rides on the same morning.
  • If you are a current rider with us and have a pack of rides then you can still book these classes and they wont affect your sessions.
  • Email us at ride@artofcycling.com.au if you have any issues and we can book you in to ride directly through our team if there is still space.
  • If you are a Unlimited ride member with us then book then double and if you make it through to the second session we will give you a coffee on us!
  • If you already have coffee in your membership then just come along to challenge yourself for the double and their might be an Easter Egg in it for you (wait, not sure that makes sense!).
  • This is only available this week (starting Monday 14th), for the Tuesday and Thursday morning double sessions.

Easter Opening hours and classes


Bunny on a bike


We are open for coffee and classes on Saturday and Monday. Opening hours and classes across Easter are as follows:-


Cafe open 6-1pm

5:30am, 6:30am, 9:30am classes

Friday closed


Cafe open 8-12pm

8:30am class

Sunday closed


Cafe open 8-12pm

9:30am class


Click here to make a booking.

Booking classes just got easier


Managing our training sessions is probably the most important step in creating results week to week. It just got easier to schedule your rides each week. Art of Cycling is on MINDBODY Connect, the app that allows you to book classes fast.

Just create a free account with the email you’re already using to book with us (you’ll need a new password). You can view the schedule in detail, find the class you want to book and book directly. You can also cancel classes easily so you free up your spot for someone else. It also syncs with your calendar.

Download MINDBODY Connect for iPhone here, and for Android here.

We’ll see you at AOC soon.

Sunday Timetable changes


Starts March 1st

We heard that you wanted to sleep in on sunday’s but still have options for your classes. Sunday’s classes have shifted with the first Yellow ride at 8:30am and then a Green ride at 9:30am. Sufferfest will return for an early session when the weather starts to turn!

Click here to make a booking.


Results through Power


Maximising your life, power training and getting results fast

For years it has been about getting “balance” in your life, and the new buzz phrase is “maximising your life”. We are a time poor culture, always busy and squeezing in that quick workout, breakfast, or coffee with a mate. We designed our rides, and chose our bikes to ensure we don’t waste a single session in the studio.  It’s about getting fitter fast, and we want to see you train right, get results and not spend hours in the studio!

So what about power?

Training for power might sound daunting but it is actually genius! Power is a measure of effectiveness on the bike. Watt’s (or power) tell you the output you are producing across a period of time. It teaches you to ride better, be technically better on the bike, and most of all get the best out of every session. If you have not done your own power zone test then let us know. Saturday at 9:30am you can just rock up and we will test you. Book your spot here. Its 15 minutes and very easy (don’t be scared off by the word test). We will give you a starting point for power (what is called an MMP – means maximum minute power), so you can see how you are improving, how effective you are being, and focus on training better. Why? So you can spend more time doing the things you want to do.

Trainer Mat


Strength and Core Workshops March and April 2014


We invite you to learn a little more about training stability, mobility and strength for riding with some TRX workshops being run across March and April.

Learn some core exercises to support you in improving pedal technique, power and general conditioning. The sessions will run for 1 hour, and will teach you the principles to train using the TRX so you can come in and use the space before or after class.

Spots are limited to 10 people in each session, and are open to all riders who have been actively training in the studio. Sessions can be booked online for March 1st at 9:30, 10:30am and we will be running additional workshops in March to focus on stretching and rolling.

Sessions are complimentary, so we just ask that if you book you show up or cancel within 12 hours, giving waitlist people a chance to book. Click here to book 

What’s a Green Jersey ride?


We hear you ask us a lot about the difference between our jersey rides, so we thought we would take some time to tell you about on one of our Jersey rides.

What’s in each ride?

Each ride is designed with some specific training principles in mind, and although they have a particular focus, you will always get some key components in every ride. All rides will focus on power at their core, so although you might ride a polka jot jersey (climbs) you will still focus on power zones and developing better technique to be more effective.

Why do you have jerseys? Riding under different conditions is key – Our goal is to train you for technique and effectiveness under different conditions. It’s no good being able to ride for long periods of time, if when the pack breaks away, you can’t keep up with them, and it’s the variety in your training that will deliver results. Whilst we know that everyone has different goals, the body responds to change, so we want to teach you ride well after sprints, on a hill, after an 8 minute steady block or out of the saddle. Click here to see a description of all the class types.


GreenGreen Jersey – what to expect. A green jersey ride

Speed and Power work. This means short sharp efforts focusing on recruiting for power at high zones, and recovering in lower zones. Efforts focused on building speed might include holding fan speed and focusing on lifting your RPM, therefore providing overload, or asking for a quick block, shifting the fan up to drive pressure. Ultimately the idea is to develop a strong consistent pedal stroke under speed efforts, to ensure power is not lost, stabilising the hits and shoulders and transferring the effort into the pedal for power output.