Christmas Holidays Revised Timetable


With Christmas just around the corner, please check out our revised timetable

Sunday 24th Dec – CLOSED

Monday 25th Dec – CLOSED

Tuesday 26th Dec – CLOSED

Wednesday 27th Dec – 7.30am Class only

Thursday 28th Dec – 7.30am Class only

Friday 29th Dec – 7.30am Class only

Saturday 30th Dec – 7.30am Class only

Sunday 31st Dec – CLOSED

Monday 1st Jan – CLOSED

Tuesday 2nd Jan – 7.30am Class only

Wednesday 3rd Jan – 7.30am Class only

Thursday 4th Jan – 7.30am Class only

Friday 5th Jan – 7.30am Class only

Saturday 6th Jan – 7.30am Class only

Sunday 7th Jan – 8.30am Class only


Holiday classes!

Keep FIT these holidays


Are you around over the Christmas and New Years break and need a Wattbike interval fix? Well we are OPEN with our relaxed holiday timetable! So start booking in some classes and stay fit over your holidays.

*Remember to book all your classes online so we know you’re coming!



Christmas ride challenge


At Art of Cycling we celebrate things a little differently! This Christmas we are having a double class ride challenge on Tuesday the 13th of December. Sign up for the 6pm class and strap yourself in for a double class bonus challenge.


To get you through the second class we will have a hydration Santa coming around to make sure you keep drinking your fluids along with plenty of snacks to keep the energy high. With remixed Christmas carols and support elves to entertain you, this is an endurance session you wont want to miss!


Make sure you book in for the 6pm class and we will be assuming that you will all stay on for the FREE 7pm class to follow! See you there!

The cycling buffet WINNERS!


During the month of November AOC had a cycling buffet! The challenge was set to see who could ride the furthest during the 30 days of November. With the tally board ready and targets set to hit, they were off riding in as many classes as they could.


After a solid 13 classes, Richard took home the title as male buffet champion with 454.1 kilometres ridden. But the real competition was with the female category as Ruth and Mia battled their way to the November 30th end date. With Mia setting up a commanding lead with 15 classes done she was unable to ride the final few days as she headed off to ride the Great Victorian bike ride. Could Ruth catch up and take the title? Well it all came down the final class with Ruth missing out on the prestigious title by a tiny 2.5km margin as Mia rode to victory finishing on 400 kilometres. What an amazing win by Mia as she now celebrates with the tough Great Victorian bike ride event ha! No rest there!


Well done to everyone who took part and again congratulations to Richard and Mia!

20% OFF Christmas SPECIALS!


Art of Cycling is bringing in the Christmas spirit with BIG membership specials! Perfect chance to load up your account or even use as a Christmas gift. Lock away those presents early! So what are the offers?


For an unlimited month of cycling classes, type in the promo code xmasmonth to receive your bonus discount!


Lose those extra few kg’s before Christmas lunch! Sign up to our $30 per week direct debit membership with NO minimum term!
Yep, unlimited weekly classes for $30 per week, cancel ANYTIME! Sign up HERE


Be quick as offers are only valid for a limited time!

The AOC Cycling Buffet!


Join the AOC cycling buffet! An unlimited class membership this November for $119. That’s all you can ride for 30 days!

Is this a challenge?

Yes! While you’re feasting on an all you can ride membership the challenge is to see how many KILOMETRES you can ride in one month!

Using our blackboard located in our TRX space we will be keeping a tally of the total distance ridden in every class you do. There will be special prizes for the  male and female with the MOST kilometres ridden after the final class on November 30th.

When does it begin?

Our cycling buffet is for the month of NOVEMBER. So it officially starts on Melbourne Cup Day, Tuesday the 1st of November (check timetable to see long weekend class times). But be quick, only 20 buffet special memberships to be sold!


My life after a stroke – Mary Wong


Mary Wong has been a member at Art of Cycling since our inception late 2013. Earlier this year it came as a great shock to hear that Mary had suffered a serious stroke. We were so fortunate to not only help Mary get back to her fitness but to also be a part of her remarkable and inspiring comeback. Thanks again Mary for sharing your amazing story.


My life after a stroke.

By Mary Wong


I remember my first class at Art Of Cycling (AoC) back in January 2014 and from than I was hooked and it changed my cycling life and the way I felt about the bike.

The more I started going to AoC, I saw an increase in my fitness and endurance and doing an average of 3 – 5 classes / week and enjoyed the support of the instructors and members and the different classes that were on offer and challenged me.

Being with likeminded cycling enthusiast, was the catalyst to buying my first pair of bike shoes with cleats (I didn’t even know they existed) and my first road bike. The bike shoes added a different dimension and power to my riding and the guidance and support I got from the instructors and members helped me make my decision about which road bike to buy. I was now combining my rides at AoC and my road rides over the weekends.

Cycling had become part of my life, if I didn’t do a ride at AoC, I would be out on the road bike gaining confidence and riding with others on the road.

Running was already part of my life, another sport I loved and did regularly and I recently taught myself how to swim and with the help of my coach and partner, I was able to swim 1 km comfortably.

The normal progression from this was to try a triathlon. I got myself a coach and with his support and guidance, I joined the local triathlon club and started my triathlon journey – I loved every moment, I felt fit and invincible.

I love challenges and pushing myself to the limit is something I have always done and I have always respected others who strive to work hard in their training to achieve the best results.

Suddenly in January 2016, I woke up during the night with my head spinning and vomiting violently – I knew that something was wrong (being a nurse). When we called the ambulance, they thought it was just a middle ear infection and the neurologist thought the same as well until 48 hours later following an MRI – they realised I had had a cerebellar stroke.

I tried getting out of beds 2 days later and nearly fell as my legs could not hold me up and my balance was non-existence. The stroke had affected the lower half of my body and coordination. The Neurologist said I had to retrain my brain how to walk, balance and coordinate my legs- how was I going to do this and what about my training? I was previously so fit and healthy.

I was always known for my determination and tenacity by my friends and family, so once I had physio and a wheelie frame, I was off doing my laps around the ward. I started to get my legs to walk again- slow and unsteady and one step after another, but the more I did, the better I got.

I was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital and that was when the real work began. I had physio, Occupational Therapy and Hydrotherapy daily and when I did not have any treatment I was on the wheelie frame, which later migrated to a walking stick.

Tears, frustration, constant headaches and nausea were very common but I was determined to walk again and I practiced at every opportunity I got. I still remember when the physio said let’s try the steps and I looked at them and thought – no way! Initially the physio had to physically move my legs from one step to the other. After much practice, my stair climbing did improve but even now 8 months later, I still need to focus on my stairs and walking as I lose my balance occasionally.

I finally left rehabilitation after 4 weeks of intense physio training and attended as an outpatient.

I started thinking of work 3 months post stroke and went back on a RTW (return to work) program but failed miserably. My focus and concentration was not there. I was so overwhelmed and expected to just take off when I left prior to my stroke 3 months ago. I was in shock, self-doubt and negativity started to settle in. Could I train again, exercise and be a mum again?

As days went by, I sunk into despair and depression and started seeing a psychologist. We have a choice in these low moments and it’s whether to feed the self-doubt and negativity or believe things will improve and be positive. Everyone experiences moments in their lives when things get tough and when you want to quit, when you don’t want to get out of bed, when things fail and go wrong. As a stroke survivor, I experienced all this and as I have been given a second chance to live, I didn’t want to quit and I know how long and hard it took me to get here with the support of my family and friends. If I could make it to AoC on these tough days, I was getting stronger and ahead and I was I was always looking at getting ahead!!

I decided I needed to get some of my old life back and started to run – I can now run up to 5 km steadily but slowly. But I also to needed to get back on the bike.

I rang Sam at AoC and he was so helpful and welcoming. We met and he had written a low power zone card for me to start off with so I could gain confidence and get the legs spinning around.

My first class at AoC was exciting yet I was filed with anxiety and whether I could make it. As soon as I saw the instructors and members – their support gave me the strength to get through my first class.

I started with half an hour twice a week to build up and within 2 months my power zone card had increased to a medium intensity. Coming to AoC regularly 3- 4 times a week, seeing the instructors and members kept me smiling and feeling positive – there were so many people behind me. I kept coming back and was so happy to be back on the bike.

Some days I still have my self-doubts and feel negative but after a class, I always felt better and fitter. I was hooked again!

I still have a long journey ahead of me as a stroke survivor and many more challenges ahead but I know that cycling and AoC will be part of that journey. AoC has really pulled me through some tough times and being given a second chance to live, I will always strive to be the best I can be. I still attend physio and he has been working me so hard to get my balance good again. He has been a remarkable support for me.

I suppose it’s true what they say


‘ When you fall off the bike, you get back on again’


I may not have the highest zone card or be the fastest but I am back at AoC and on the bike! The instructors especially Sam and the members have been incredible and I thank them all for their support. They have made the tough days easier, when I did not have the inner strength to do it on my own.


Thank You AoC for getting me back on the bike.



Spring calorie challenge results


What a big calorie burning month it has been! With 30 riders signing up for the challenge we saw a boost in average number of classes taken per week as riders burn their way to 10,000 calories.


Before the final prize is announced we want to give a very big congratulations to our leading female and male calorie burners. Jane rode in a massive 18 classes burning through 11,384 calories and Lance (below) rode in a staggering 25 classes to reach an incredible 22,663 burned calories. Amazing efforts!




Those that completed the challenge went in the running to win a prize pack full of healthy and organic foods from the Village store, Yarraville and also some awesome products from our good friends at MAAP cycling apparel. The two female riders that reached the 10,000 calorie target were mother daughter duo Mia and Jane with Jane taking the final overall honours. We had 8 males complete the 10,000 calorie target with Richard winning the final prize!


Congratulations to everyone that took part in the challenge!



Spring membership SPECIAL!


Need to get fit quick? Well now you can enjoy unlimited classes at AOC for $30 a week, no minimum term! Sign up for couple of weeks, a month or even the whole summer as you start achieving your fitness goals!


Signing up is easy, just hit the link below, sign in or create a new account if you’re new and sign up for your $30 per week NO MINIMUM TERM membership!




See you in soon!


Starting Thursday the 1st of September!


Start your summer training plan with our Spring calorie challenge! For just $119 the goal is simple, burn as many calories as you can in the month of September. Perfect chance to kick off those summer fitness goals!

So how does it work?

After every class you ride, our Wattbikes record how many calories you burned for that session. The more frequently you ride and the harder the intensity you ride at, the more calories you burn!

What is the target goal?

We have set some achievable calorie burning targets with opportunities to add bonus calories to your tally with optional challenges to complete as you reach each target. The goal, successfully burn through at least 10,000 calories to go in the running to win an awesome prize pack worth over $400. See calorie burning targets and challenges below;

How do I keep track?

Record all your completed classes and calories burned on our blackboard located in our TXR and stretch room. Great way to track your progress throughout the month and to make sure you’re on track to achieving your personal calorie burning goals!


To join our Spring calorie challenge we have created a SPECIAL 1 month unlimited class membership for $119. But be quick as these memberships are limited!

Sign up online HERE

*If you are a current unlimited riding member, you can sign up for free! Just email us HERE or put your name down at reception.



Tour de AOC success!


As we enter the month of August, we come to the end of this years Tour de AOC rider challenge. So after completing 3 weeks of consistent riding, let’s go back and see what made this years Tour de AOC a great success.

With 38 riders signing up for the challenge, this years Tour de AOC kicked off with a very busy Saturday morning double! Riders took on the 7:30am and 8:30am classes to give themselves bonus points and the perfect head start to the tour ahead.


There were more bonus classes up for grabs this year and with the tough goal of reaching 21 ride points, this made for some very busy classes. Check out Sam’s packed Thursday 6pm class during our opening ‘sprint week’!

Bikes and beers night! A few beers made for the perfect way to celebrate the half way mark of the tour, although not before getting through some tough Wattbike time trials!

This year the Tour de AOC included a pleasant 50km social outdoor ride. As the weather provided perfect riding conditions, it was fantastic to see so many riders of all abilities and bikes come along for the ride.

What better way to finish off this years Tour de AOC then our traditional Champagne Sunday! After a busy and tough Endurance class with Enrica, Champagne was sipped and sprayed as riders celebrated the end of an exhausting but satisfying three weeks of riding.



But there can only be one winner! Those that completed the 21 ride point target over the three-week Tour de AOC went in the running to win some brand new sunglasses from Eye Can C in Williamstown. And the winner is… Jeremy! Congratulations on winning this years Tour de AOC and special thanks to Eye Can C optometry for your support! It’s been an amazing rider challenge!

Bring a friend for free week

Who is your workout buddy?


Everyone becomes more motivated to exercise when training with others. So now is your chance to drag your friend along to your next class! Starting Monday the 15th of August, we are opening up our classes to your friends. Bring them along and show them how fit and strong you are on our Wattbikes. Who knows, maybe this will open up some friendly competition?


When you bring your friend along, make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts so we can sign them in and set them up on a bike. Alternatively, if they sign up online to our ‘introductory pass’ using the promo code ‘aocfriend‘, they will receive a whole week of unlimited classes for FREE!*


See you in soon!


*offer valid for new riders only

Tour de AOC 2016!


Coming into its 3rd consecutive year, the Tour de AOC has quickly become the fitness challenge of the year. So how does it work?


The Challenge

As the Tour de France consists of 21 stages, the challenge is to log 21 ‘ride points’ during the 3 week long event from Saturday the 2nd of July till Sunday the 24th of July.


So how do I collect ride points?

Every class you do equals 1 ride point. Throughout the Tour de AOC there will be bonus classes and challenges worth up to 3 ride points each. See our Tour de AOC calendar below


Screen Shot tourdeaoc at 4.54.36 PM


So how will I track my progress?

All your classes and ride points will be recorded on the official Tour de AOC leader board located in the TRX/stretching room.

What happens when I log 21 ride points?

Everyone that logs 21 ride points during the Tour de AOC will go in the running to WIN a prize pack worth over $300!

Where do I sign?


The Tour de AOC ride challenge is FREE for all unlimited ride AOC memberships. All you have to do is put your name down on the sign in sheet at the front desk or email us HERE

For those wanting to participate, we have a SPECIAL $99 Tour de AOC membership. This gives you 23 days of unlimited classes plus the bonus events on the Tour de AOC calendar! Sign up using the link below or send us an email HERE



Riding from Adelaide to Uluru for cancer research


Smiling for Smiddy is a nonprofit community program delivering life-affirming cycling, triathlon and swim challenges that fund world-class cancer research. This year along with 50 other riders, AOC instructor Nick, has taken on the challenge to ride from Adelaide to Uluru. Countless hours and long training rides have gone into preparing for this event in which has already raised a total of $350,000 from this ride alone, with the foundation nearing the 1 million dollar mark raised this year. Incredible!


Nick will be joined by three other Art of Cycling members with Malcolm, Nicole and Adriel all taking on the challenge. On Sunday they began their massive 1800km journey from the city of Adelaide with a long 170km ride on a cold, wet and windy day. Brutal way to start! AOC would like to wish everyone the best of luck and also a huge congratulations on all your fundraising efforts to date.


There is still time to donate and support the Smiddy ride by following this link HERE Just search for your selected rider to donate!

Queens birthday weekend classes


Enjoy the long weekend even more with an ART OF CYCLING class!


7:30am Yellow Jersey class with Tam

8:30am Green Jersey class with Tam

9:30am FREE fitness testing hour with Sam


8:30am Endurance class with Dan


8:30am Green Jersey class with Ben


Make sure you book online spot to secure your bike. Enjoy the long weekend and see you in soon!

Winter riding at ART OF CYCLING!


Don’t let your fitness suffer as winter hits. Now’s the time to secure your winter training plan with some hot, fast and regular indoor cycling classes!


This winter we are offering unlimited cycling classes with our $30 per week direct debit membership. With a minimum term of 12 weeks this will be sure to see you through those cold, dark and wet winter days. All AOC members are also set up with a power zone card, bike fit and fitness testing so now there is no excuse not to join. To sign up simply follow the link below, set your contract starting date and start riding!


12 week winter memberships HERE