Christmas Gift Cards


Struggling for the right gift for Christmas, or wanting to give a someone some ideas?

Gift cards can be purchased online here – just choose the amount, then those $ can be used in anyway you please. A 10 pack, part of a longer membership, whatever suits.

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Creating habits and sticking to them


Have you been booking for classes and not getting to them?

We all know that life gets busy, and we make plans, then have to try and squeeze in the reality of our life around these plans. Ultimately it is our training that seems to come off second best. Kids get sick, deadlines at work mean we work late, or we are lacking sleep and hit the snooze button just to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

We have noticed a lot of riders booking, but then not attending classes, and at the moment the only one that misses out is you. As classes get bussier it is important to remember that you take someone elses spot if you don’t cancel a class within 12 hours. This means that when you hit the snooze button it affects others too. To help you refocus your training we drew upon some research below to support you.

Make it personal. Not everyone needs the same combination. Maybe it’s variety you need, so you might need to swap your polka dot ride for a Green + TRX ride every so often. Getting your personal training zone card is the key to it being the right session for you every time. And if you still are not sure, ask our trainers, they will happily have a look at the structure of your week and help you make a plan to stick to.

Make it fit. Are time constraints a big problem? Start planning your exercise sessions by making a detailed schedule of your week. Look for ways you can work in blocks of exercise. Can you get up half an hour earlier every morning for a ride? Would this mean going to bed earlier? Be realistic. Don’t schedule exercise after dinner if you know that’s when you always have to help the kids with their homework unless you think the entire family might benefit from a break and a brisk walk.  The good news? As you become more conditioned, you’ll be able to boost the intensity of your exercise without further exerting yourself. This means that you’ll be able to fit more into your allotted time; for example, putting out an average Watts of 180 when you used to do 120 in a class.

Set some goals. Shifting overnight from being sedentary to becoming an exercise buff isn’t in the cards for most people. What’s more, unrealistic expectations will set you up for frustration and failure. A better approach is to set a long-term goal. Maybe it is an outdoor training ride, or a triathlon. During the first month, focus on just turning up for classes. During the second month, add in a TRX session (so you’re up to training four days a week). Add another day in the third month.

Chart your progress. Once you’ve set your goal, start measuring your performance. Record your average watts on your zone card, the reps that you do on the TRX, or the distance you travelled in a yellow class. Either way, keep a written record of what you have accomplished.

Reward your efforts. Meeting your exercise goals, even short-term ones, is cause for celebration. It reflects your commitment to improving your health. Find ways to pat yourself on the back. Whether your reward is small or large, make sure it’s something meaningful and enjoyable.

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No shows and cancellations – what’s the deal?


As classes begin to fill up it it’s a good time for us to remind you about no shows and cancellations. It’s pretty simple, and here is the deal.

  • Sessions can be booked in advance and you can set a reoccurring class in your schedule
  • We recommend booking so that you create a commitment to ride, but also to ensure we secure your spot, we have your card ready to go, and classes start at the time advertised.
  • Sessions that are cancelled outside of 12 hours notice (so before 6pm the night before a 6am class) will not deduct a session from your account.
  • Sessions that are cancelled within 12 hours of the class will deduct a normal session from your account. If you simply don’t show up then the session is also deducted.
  • If you have to cancel within 12 hours, and you have made a reasonable attempt to attend class but could not (ie. you are genuinely sick, had to travel last minute, and not just too lazy to get out of bed), then email and we are happy to review the situation on a case by case basis.

These steps support all the riders at the AOC, and help you create habits that you stick to, as well as making sure if you book a bike and take someone’s spot, that you cancel out to open it up for someone else.

Managing our training sessions is probably the most important step in creating results week to week. It just got easier to schedule your rides each week. Art of Cycling is on MINDBODY Connect, the app that allows you to book/change classes fast.

Just create a free account with the email you’re already using to book with us (you’ll need a new password). You can view the schedule in detail, find the class you want to book and book directly. You can also cancel classes easily so you free up your spot for someone else. It also syncs with your calendar.

Download MINDBODY Connect for iPhone here, and for Android here.


Sam’s new role at AOC


Sam image

Whether you are new to AOC or you have been with us over a year, you would know Sam’s face. Sam has been with us since the very early days, and as we focus on a new year we are pleased to announce his new role at AOC. Sam is the new Operations Manager for the Yarraville site, and we wanted to let you know a little about what this means and a little more about him.

What do you do as the Operations Manager?

My focus across the next 6 months is to expand the timetable and help our riders get results, without this we are not living up to our mission to ride for real and get results fast. I am also putting my attention on instructor development, and creating ride formats that seriously shake things up in the sessions. I am the guy you see at the front desk, building programs, and helping  you find the right membership to suit you. I am also focused on the local community and building relationship that will help Yarraville people stay fit and healthy.

Do you take classes yourself?

Yep – I need to walk the talk and I love teaching. With my experience as a cyclist and my keen research into endurance training in preparation for the Ironman, I want to practice sessions and get feedback so we continue to build the best classes for cyclists as well as the everyday person wanting to make the most of their time in a session.

What’s new at AOC this year?

New 30 minute sessions both cycle express, and strength sessions. We also continue to build on our riding program, and you will see the introduction of technology to support the way you can track your progress (yes those TV’s will be used fro something!).

What are some of your goals in training and your career?

I am training for the ironman this year, which is a huge focus, and I would like to see AOC expand in the coming years, as I know the concepts behind the riding would benefit so many more people in their training.

To get in  touch with Sam, or to ask him any questions email or catch him after one of his classes!



Christmas riding at AOC


SantaWe know that during the silly season it is important to keep moving! We have heard from a lot of you that you want to continue riding so we are running classes all the way through the silly season. During Christmas we run a reduced timetable. Check it our below and online for additional details.


Christmas timetable 22nd  – 5th Jan

22nd Dec Normal classes – except 7pm not running
23rd Dec Normal classes – except 7pm not running
24th Dec 6am – Kon – Polka dot

9:30am – Ken – Yellow

25th and 26th Dec Closed
27th Dec 7:30am – Brooke – Yellow
28th Dec 8:30am – Anthony – Endurance
29th Dec 6am – Ken – Yellow
30th Dec 9:30am – TBC instructor and class type – check online
31st Dec and 1st Closed
2nd Jan 8:30am – Brooke -Polka
3rd Jan 7:30am – Brooke – Yellow
4th Jan 8:30am – Anthony- Yellow


5th Jan – 18th Jan, slightly amended sessions – review online to see changes.

Jan 19th – Full timetable resumes.

Café closes December 21 and reopens Jan 10th.



Our 1st Birthday offer


bike cake


Art of Cycling’s 1st Birthday SALE!

To celebrate Art of Cycling’s very first birthday we are having a massive 48 hour flash sale with 20% off all memberships! This lets you put those savings towards that new bike you have been looking at!  This Saturday and Sunday you can choose the membership option that best suits you. When you are in the checkout, use the promo code “happybirthday” to receive your 20% discount! If you already have a current membership with us then this is an excellent opportunity to load up your account! Buy now, use later! This sale will only be available for 48 hours and expires this Sunday at midnight so be quick!

Click here to go to membership options!

30 Days Shred


30 Day shred


We’re super excited to launch our AOC 30 DAY SHRED program! This 30 day challenge will not only prepare your body for the best summer yet, but also make you fitter, lose weight and more energized then ever before! Be ready to make your transformation beginning on our launch night on the 20th of October!


So what’s I do I get?

A personalized 30 day training program – Valued at $99

  • After a short 30 minute fitness consolation, we will develop a personalized structured training program

30 day shred and wellness seminar – Valued at $30

  • Delivered by a leading nutritionist who will help you understand and guide you through your 30 day SHRED!

Nutrition and Diet support – Valued at $99

  • Giving you crucial nutritional information required to maximize your weight loss and body transformation in 30 day.

Weekly Mat Pilates and stretch classes – Valued at $150

  • Designed to improve flexibility, strength and tone core muscles and enhance muscular control of your back and limbs.

Unlimited AOC cycling classes – Valued at $150

  • Fantastic aerobic training consisting of 50 minutes of interval training on the sate-of-the-art Wattbikes! With a packed timetable of classes to choose from this will be the one workout you will always want to come back to!

TRX strength training program – Valued at $30

  • Perfect resistance training for all abilities, focusing on joint stability, balance and strength!

Mindfulness and relaxation seminar  – Valued at $30

  • To complete your 30 day SHRED this seminar will help you de stress and channel in on the more important things in life!

With a total value of nearly $600 this 30 day SHRED program is all yours for only $49 a week! ($39 for members) So email at or call us to book your spot now, as we have limited spots.

Click AOC 30 DAY SHRED to see more.

Rescue project – 12 hour ride


The Rescue Ride brings together cyclists of all backgrounds and ability to raise awareness and money for local dog shelters. Regular riders Sarah and Riley have seen firsthand the great work being done by the volunteers at these shelters and we wanted to help. We knew our cycling community would be keen to get behind such a worthy cause, and we also know you love a good sweat session! Funds raised from The Rescue Ride will benefit 3 local shelters and go directly towards improving the lives of the dogs in their care.


What is this event?

  • What – 12 hour endurance ride
  • Ride on your own or with a group of 3 others or choose a time and ride on one of the “open ride bikes” and donate your $20 ride fee.
  • When – 13th September

How do I get involved?

  • Go to then go to book a ride
  • Go to Rescue project class on 13th September and go to book
  • You will directed to set up a free account, then can go to the online store
  • You can then choose single entry ($90), group of 4 ($150) or purchase a single ride and book into the 2 bikes that would be open for the single rides
  • If your enter as a team of 4 only the team captain puts in their details when booking.
  • For question email


Background to the project:

  • The Rescue Project was started in the USA in 2013, with the aim of raising money for shelters through a community of runners and cyclists. The key component to this has always been producing great custom cycling kit and other lifestyle merchandise with 100% of profits going to shelters. When we brought this concept to Australia we wanted to do something to bring our community together – this is how The Rescue Ride was born! We’ve had tremendous support from all of our event partners and many others throughout the cycling community. As well as events like The Rescue Ride,  we are looking forward to bringing you some fantastic new kit later this year!

What can people expect on the day

Throughout the day we’ll have a range of activities and mini-competitions to keep you energised! We’ll have guest DJ’s playing all the latest tunes, optional time trials with great prizes up for grabs, spot prizes, and more. Your rider nutrition is covered thanks to Winners and Hydralite, so all you have to do is keep the pedals turning for 12 hours! Emergency caffeine and pastries are never far away, with the AOC café ready to help keep you in the game. Expect a fun atmosphere mixed with a little bit of pain as the day draws to a conclusion!

Ride.Yoga.Sleep.Repeat – lululemon specialized ride




Specialized and lululemon will host the 3rd Ride & Yoga session on Saturday out of Art of Cycling on August 23rd. The sessions are designed to support all levels of riding and yoga, and are about having fun.

The ride will be outdoors (and weather suggests sunny and 19 degrees) and will finish with a yoga class which will be held in the café space. The session starts at 10:00am and goes for around 90 minutes (45 ride, 45 yoga).

Dates:  August 23rd and bookings must be made through the online booking system.

Who:- Anyone can join, the session is free for all, and all you need to do is a create a free account online to book. Click here to book your spot – there are two sessions open, so if one is full then book into the other one.

What do I need? Bring your bike and a helmet and we will do the rest. No Bike? There will be a few supplied if needed.





Tour De AOC winner – Meet Sarah Bourke


July has been a huge month at the AOC, starting with Friday night beers and some great tips from John about your riding, then we kicked off the Tour De AOC. 21 rides in 23 days. We saw so many people in smash the tour, with some riders doing more than required in the 21 days!

Each person that completed got a chance to win 12 months of unlimited riding at AOC. It was Sarah Bourke who was lucky enough to take home the prize (drawn out a hat)! Read Sarah’s story below. Rest assured she is a real person (for those who might have thought we were making it up), and we are so excited to continue to  follow her riding progress. From have back surgery to completing 21 rides is pretty remarkable!

What was your goal coming to AOC?

I had back surgery in February, and prior to that had 6 months of not being able to do much other than walk and swim. I love riding, so for me it was about working up a sweat (it has been a while) and getting back some general fitness.

How did you like the challenge, what did you learn? 

I loved the idea of the challenge and it came at the right time for me and my recovery and I met people along the way who were giving it a go and I learnt that I could do a double class and not keel over!

What’s your next fitness goal?

I am not allowed to get on a real bike yet- just the stationary version- so my next challenge is increasing my fitness to be ready to.

What classes do you like at AOC?

I like them all, the great thing about the AOC is that it caters for all types of cyclists and the variation of classes really helps you to develop all aspects of your cycling fitness.

Who’s your fav instructor?

I like them all, but I’d have to say Tamara is my fav!



Tour De AOC – the finish is only a few rides away


Over the past 3 weeks we have seen riders get committed to what riding every day can do for your fitness, power and overall health. Tour  De AOC finishes this Sunday, with champagne flowing at the AOC from 12-5pm to see the final stages of the Tour De France.

For those who took on the challenge it was 21 rides across 23 days, and we will be verifying the completed participants, and drawing the prize at 4pm at AOC.

Here are some of the details to qualify to finish!

  • Must have logged in to 21 rides across 23 days – system will verify this and AOC team will confirm booked classes.
  • Night 10pm ride only counts as 1 ride.
  • Each class counts as 1 ride, so 2 classes is 2.
  • Can only credit 1 open ride each day (30 minutes or more = 1)
  • From those completed the prize will be drawn Sunday at 4pm (if you are not there we will notify you during the next week)
  • All those completed will get a small prize to be given on Sunday at AOC – again if you can’t make it we will post a list of completed peeps and have your prize at AOC reception.

2 Awesome Ride Deals – for July only


images newsletter


As a July Special, we have have 2 Awesome Ride Deals open now until end of the month.

Option 1 – Buy 10 rides get 2 Free 

Option 2 – Buy 3 Months Unlimited Get 1 month FREE Valued at $150. The offer comes with a 12 week Ride Program included.

To find out more please call one of our friendly staff to discuss or jump online to buy them here.

To make sure you are getting the most out of your time and effort here at AOC, please have a talk to one of the team if you need advice in reaching or setting your training goal, tips on healthy eating and weight management, or general training principles.  After all, we are here for one reason only – to get you fitter faster.

TOUR DE AOC OFFER – unlimited classes and coffee each day



If you have joined us for the Tour De AOC  then you can already feel the benefits of riding consistently. From now until July 28th A coffee each day and unlimited classes (including TRX classes) will set you back less than $30 a week.

If you ride 3 times a week then each class costs you less than $10, and your coffee costs you nothing. At that rate over a year, in coffee alone, you would save over $500 (that’s a damn good pair of cycling shoes or 80% of your entry into Ironman Melbourne) .

  • 12 month memberships direct debit  ($125 a month) or or paid in full ($1500) available for a limited time with coffee included.

Until Monday 28th July you can get both coffee and unlimited session at the AOC on a 12 month membership. Offer strictly ends 28th July EOD.




Cycling is an art form; we believe coffee is  too. We set high standards at Art of Cycling! Joon is our new man to ensure our coffee reputation is rock solid. Joon is from Korea, loves making coffee more than breathing air. While Joon builds his knowledge around the cycling side of Art of Cycling, if you have any technical or membership enquiries that he can’t answer, give Sam a call or email or ask your instructor on the day. We are excited to have a smiley new face at Art of Cycling. Help us make him feel Joon welcome. He is starting Tuesday for a trial and we welcome your feedback. It’s quality all the way at AOC in all areas, and we know he is the man! Make him feel welcome, and maybe teach him some cycling lingo as you stand at the coffee machine – he’s up for it!

July @ ART OF CYCLING – We’ve dubbed it Tour de AOC.


Winter is upon us, as are the cold mornings, children that are forever ill, and yummy toasted pastries. July at ART OF CYCLING is going to be something completely different to what you’ve done before. No longer does winter need to be drab. AOC is going to give you the pep you need to get through Melbourne’s wintery blast.

If you’re a regular through our doors, then you know it’s going to be good times. If you’ve yet to step inside for a look-see, then now’s the time. Yes, we take our training seriously, but not seriously. Yes, training with us will make you fitter and leaner, no questions about that – we have the resources and the team to make it happen. But we also know how to have a good time – good coffee, cold beer, friends, and family are all welcome at ART OF CYCLING. What’s planned for July you ask? Click the links to find out about each event, download the attachment and send it to your mates.


July 25th – Late night session (10pm start)


tour 19

When – Friday July 25th – 10pm Start.

What better way to start the weekend off than with a ‘Late Night Session’. We’ll be riding Stage 19 with the peloton, jumping on the bikes at 10pm – midnight (or maybe 2am..). Say no more.

If you have never experienced a late night ride, then get on board. Let’s see who wins the final sprint at 2am! Spots are limited, so reserve a bike. Bookings up online now.