We want you to have fun and ride safe, which mean there are a few rules we follow:

Our riding etiquette

  • Be careful when you are injured – don’t push past something you shouldn’t and let us know so we can help.
  • Make sure you get our support with Bike fit when you first start.
  • Wear appropriate riding shoes or closed toed hard souled runners.
  • Wear appropriate clothing at all times (T-shirts, singlets or jerseys must remain on)
  • Respect your fellow rider – After the warm up, leave the talking for the coffee area!
  • You’re in or your out – arrive on time or you won’t be allowed to ride with the pack – it’s simple safety.
  • Respect the bike – keep it clean.
  • Be honest at all times and be fair – we want your feedback, we want to ensure we are creating the best experience for you!