An Art of cycling class will get you fitter, faster.

Our classes get you fitter faster, because we can push you to your limits. With the bikes we use, and the instructors we have, we can train you as an individual in a group class – So after every class, you come out feeling like you’ve trained hard. With our dedicated instructors and their great tunes it’s an experience you’ll love to have as part of your training plan.

Looking to get back into shape?

We’ve all been there. Coming back from injury or just haven’t made the time to exercise – you know you need to get back into shape, lose weight, get fit and have fun. An Art of Cycling class will give you the benefits of weight loss through cardio vascular training. We will ensure you ride correctly, using your core to drive evenly through your legs. Our legs are our biggest muscle group, so generating power from this place will ensure you burn the most calories and get the most out of every minute you ride.

Riding is the most popular activity when recovering form injuries. Free from the impact of running, you can continue to work of your cardiovascular system while you recover from your injury.